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We learned how to make pizza from the land where Neapolitan pizza was born— Naples, Italy. We then added a modern twist and created a new crust: a very thin and crispy pizza with great taste that is able to complement any topping. We did it while still keeping our health and environmentally conscious customers in mind by using no preservatives or additives in our crusts, organic tomatoes in our pizza sauce and finishing it off with farm-to-table veggies and proteins that are all-natural, hormone-free, nitrate-free and nitrite-free!

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Pizza ingredients Pizza ingredients

SauceOur pizza sauce is made with organic tomatoes.

IngredientsOur pizza is topped with a variety of farm-to-table and organic vegetables.

CrustOur stone fired crust contains no preservatives, potassium bromate or additives. That alone is reserved only for the top 1%.

MeatOur meats are high-quality and are hormone-free, nitrate-free and nitrite-free.

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